Men’s Urological Specialties

We understand the importance of being diagnosed and treated quickly when it comes to urological issues in men. We are experts in providing a full range of specialty healthcare services for men, including sexual health issues and worries. Our friendly team can provide a discreet service that will instantly put you at ease and help locate, diagnose and treat urology problems. Our modern methods ensure we provide the very best in men’s healthcare one hundred percent of the time. Some of the male urology conditions we can advise on, diagnose and provide treatment or aftercare for, include:

Urinary Tract Infections – Although more common in women, men are also susceptible to urinary tract infections such as cystitis. In some cases, these infections may be recurring and can cause much discomfort. Our expert team can help locate the cause of the issue and provide a range of treatment options for you.

Incontinence – Living with incontinence can be an embarrassing problem, but one that doesn’t need to ruin your life. We can provide you with advice and options to help manage, and even cure, your incontinence issues. Please talk to us about how we can help you overcome this difficult problem.

Kidney Stones – This urology condition can happen to anyone, of any age, and can be extremely painful to deal with. With our modern technology and advanced surgical procedures, we can remove and treat kidney stones quickly and efficiently.

Prostate cancer – An extremely common cancer for men in the USA and around the world. Many men are unsure of the symptoms and this can cause the condition to get worse. We can provide regular check ups as well as look at anything which may be bothering you around the prostate area. We will then be able to advise you on the range of modern treatment options available for prostate cancer.

Bladder and Kidney cancer – Two other forms of cancer which can be dealt with by our urological team are in the bladder and kidney. We understand that worrying about cancer can take over your life, which is why our friendly team are there to help you every step of the way from the diagnosis to treatment and aftercare.

Sexual Health – Some of the most common reasons we see men are to do with sexual health conditions. Male infertility, erectile dysfunction, vasectomies (and issues with vasectomies), and other sexual health problems can be diagnosed and treated within our urology practice. Our discreet service will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable with our physicians and staff members at all times.

There are a wide range of other conditions that we can also treat from other urological cancers such as penile and testes to problems with the bladder or prostate. If you are ever unsure whether your problem is a urology condition, simply just ask.

We are able to provide quick appointments when necessary, which means you can always come in and ask about any symptoms you may be worried about. Our men’s healthcare specialties department will be able to help with any of your problems, big or small, as quickly as we possibly can. We’ll also ensure to make you feel as comfortable as possible with our friendly and compassionate team members.

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